Wilson's Story 

Far...far....far.....far...away. A orange little guy named Wilson who is from the planet KAZ. An explorer that travels around the galaxy and who's ship which is called "OLE ZINGY"  got caught in a black hole. Wilson and Ole Zingy got pulled right in causing them to be sent in another galaxy called the "Milky Way". Wilson could not get the ship back on course so it just flew straight toward Earth and came crashing down in Hawaii on the island of Maui. It there where Wilson meets a women named "Kiki", the Hawaiian "Shaka Santa" and Sandy the snowman. Wilson now spend his time learning about Hawaii and its culture, singing and dancing to songs  and going on adventures.


Wilson-n-Frenz has there own you tube page. and Instagram. Watch as Wilson with host Kiki learn and talk about Hawaii. Laugh and smile as they sing along to there favorite songs. look for special episodes where they have guest appearances. who knows you might know some of these people. Subscribe and keep up to date on there adventuires.


FaceBOOK Live!!! 

Now this is something you cant miss!!! On Da Maui Sleigh Facebook, Wilson and Kiki do there LIVE! episodes where you can interact with them, ask questions, and sometimes you get a chance to WIN! a giveaway by answering 3 questions. Hint: the three questions which are usually are about there youtube epsisodes. (subscribe)



We have pur 'Holoholo" episodes and and we are on Instagram Wilsonnfrenz. Here you will find a lot of dancing and singing. Who knows where Wilson and Kiki will go when they go "Holoholo"

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